While most people struggle to lose weight lose weight

There are people who are too thin and unable to gain weight even if you strive to eat. The diet to fatten, should not be detrimental to your body you will choose anyway healthy foods with a high percentage of protein that help develop lean mass and are not harmful to health, following certain rules and taking certain foods will not be difficult to achieve the desired results unless you are in front of pathologies that cause weight loss.

The thinness can be constitutional or pathological, the thin people who enjoy good health are constitutional.

The types of “normal” not thinness, pathological, characteristic to be caused by very long or unresolved disorders, such as anorexia “mental”, some mental illnesses or chronic disorders of digestion. Obviously in this case it is not necessary to cure thinness but solve, whenever possible, the disturbances that have caused. Because you slim? The causes can be: the ipoalimentazione which can contemplate a malnutrition or of vegan diets or vegetarian too tightly, disorders, inflammatory disorders, digestive disorders, some drugs (such as kidney failure or heart disease and psychiatric disorders.

In other words the State of being skinny and become pregnant were and situations due to scarcity, more or less important than the fabric made from fat, adipose tissue: a definitive Constitution or even thinness could be hereditary, while the Act of losing weight, the process, it has the characteristics of occasional and definitely can be a reversible process.

Now, wanting to talk about therapy, it should be noted that the cure to a slimming consists mostly of treat that generated it, if we are talking about a constitutional thinness, so therapy may consist of a type diet butter. Taking into consideration the undernutrition generated by some pathology, for example those due to psycho-emotional causes (we consider anorexia that leads to malnutrition or even malnutrition), then we must seriously consider the possibility of a visit by psychiatric or psychotherapeutic type.

For people who do not suffer from any disease and who simply want to increase their body mass we give some advice and a diet low calorie food and fattening food to get the body you’ve always wanted.

However, if your desire is to take some of that weight, the important thing is to do it with sound systems, you take more nutritious by choosing to weight whether food and contributing to building muscle mass also also, not only of that fat. Vitamin supplements, protein and the gainer (supplements combining vitamins, Visit this page amino acids, proteins and carbohydrates) sold in pharmacies or easily found on the internet could be a great solution, especially if combined with a few hours weekly of gym, useful to increase lean body mass. lost. The most important thing to do, not only for those who want to gain weight, you never give up to a hearty breakfast, able to provide much of the energy you need for the day. In particular, look out for the fruit, milk, honey (always preferable to sugar, especially in the refined), cereals (preferably wholegrain) and dried fruit.

You must never give up pasta for lunch, you have to eat pasta and rice, eat dinner dishes rich in carbohydrates, which are essential to capture volume. We recommend the use of olive oil and Parmesan.

Hire often liquids. I am absolutely advisable because fruit soups contain vitamins as well as many calories and essential minerals. You can also add some yogurt or milk, yogurt, low fat though, so as to increase the consumption of calories.

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