Valencias Biopark

Valencias Biopark


You can enjoy a enjoyable family day trip to the Bioparc in Valencia.Bioparc is situated near the City of Arts and Sciences, located at the Parque de Cabecera s. Biparc isn’t as widely known as many other touring places within the town, but it’s certainly not a location worthy of passing up on.

The park holds about four thousand animals and it is combining a Zoo and a Safari park. It ranges about 25 acres..The park gives an incredible experience . The creatures aren’t restricted in cages, instead you are going to see them wandering around almost like they were within their natural residence.

Rhinoceros, antelopes and giraffes, all enjoy the incredible savannah. You can find the opportunity to move amidst buffaloes and leopards, stick with hiking trails penetrating into a heavy jungle- like forest where gorillas stroll, and watch groups of elephants strut throughout the awe-inspiring surroundings brimming with plant life and trees that really encourage total acclimatization of the creatures with their environments.


Bioparc belongs to the most modern generations of zoos where the standard connection between the zoo held animals, trapped behind enclosures and glass, and the people that study them is reversed. The special attention towards the wild animals, their particular circumstances, plus the experience of independence and space you will encounter here helps it seem as if you are experiencing all of these wild animals entirely in their natural world, which is certainly the better way .

This way of doing things is termed Zoo-immersion . It is according to a strategy that seeks to submerge visitors in an ‘as accurate as achievable’ experience with natural setting that wild animals survive in.This helps the visitors to throw open their minds towards the fauna, their specific habitat and the ecosystem through which these animals thrive. The park is aimed at coaching the tourists with regards to the great need of wildlife, its upkeep as well as splendor.

It’s not just the way in which you possibly can get connected to the animals that’s exceptional in the park.You can find other exercises that can be appreciated with your loved ones in Bioparc.You will enjoy films related to zoo animals and their histories, additionally, you can benefit from many animal and bird events in the park. You may as well enjoy storytelling sittings occurring at several occasions in the park.. The park takes its protection of the natural environment and also the conservation of ecosystems seriously and also participates in captive propagation plans for a lot of animals which have been in danger of getting vanished. A few animals within this propagation program are received from the Valencia Zoo whilst some came from zoos throughout Spain.You will discover creatures which were attained from locations like Malaysia, Denmark, Holland and Czech Republic.


Of course reaching and offering food to the wildlife is not really acceptable but it is still a brilliant experience to become this near to them. As an example among the initial areas you will discover is termed the Madagascar Area. This is where you can the apes, and you could stay watching as playful monkeys nonchalantly stroll closer thereafter take a seat on the slopes merely ins from you.

When it comes to food and drink the Bioparc has a cafe serving very light nibbles and beverages, as well as a main dining establishment preparing proper warm meals.The meals and also the staff in the restaurant is definitely fantastic though the best thing is being able to consume while watching untamed giraffes roaming . Or maybe they aren’t to your liking then at the other part of the restaurant you will uncover the Elephants that will gladly wander near, barely spotting that you will be near.

Bioparc is open from Monday to Friday from 10 in the morning to 6 pm or 9 pm with respect to the time of year.Bioparc lies in the western part of Valencia.You’ll be able to get a metro at Nou d’Octoubre . However, you’ll need to walk an additional 20 min and cross a bridge after taking left out of the Metro station. If you opt to drive a car there exists cost-free vehicle parking for 8,000 passenger cars.You can also enjoy a 10 percent price reduction on the 20 euro entry fee in the event you take your visitors card.I’d counsel that you take at least 5 hrs to completely value what this wonderful zoo carries.


Bioparc, being in the west of Valencia, delivers a fabulous encounter. Dissimilar to an average zoo Bioparc was created considering the aim that tourists should feel that they are really immersed within the surroundings of the animals that reside in the zoo, using a practice called ‘zoo immersion.’ .At the zoo it is possible to take a walk with giraffes, rhinoceros and leopards, you should take a seat with monkeys and eat and drink along with elephants. It is an astounding, educational and inspiring adventure which you and your whole family will relish, and we highly suggest adding it as a not-to-miss vacation spot during your check out.
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