Using CPAP Machines With No Prescription

It might appear surprising to some that it is virtually impossible to get CPAP machines without a prescription as a motorized oxygen mask doesn’t qualify as being on the same plane as actual medication, to most, but it actually is. There are a few things that you must consider before going ahead with such a plan, in the event you are searching for ways to locate and use any model of CPAP machines without a prescription.

The first thing to think about is that it’s a fact which you can buy pretty much anything and everything online these days, and which includes things that by law shouldn’t be sold or that legitimately require certain paperwork for you to purchase, such as prescription medications. Legally you need to have a prescription from a doctor to be able to purchase a CPAP machine but of course if you type ” CPAP machines without a prescription” into your internet search engine you are likely to get an abundance of alternatives.

Any site that sells you a machine with no prescription is doing this illegally, and of course if you purchase such a machine without a prescription you are also doing something prohibited.

Another thing that lots of people wonder about is why you cannot get CPAP machines. They’re just oxygen, right? The explanation for this is your own protection. CPAP machines are generally safe but remember that their function will be to push against air into your lungs constantly. Machines have certain pressure settings that need to be fixed for your own specific wants, just as medications are taken in certain doses which are fixed to each person separately.

Using CPAP machines without additional instruction or a prescription from your physician is like purchasing any prescription drugs and simply taking it blindly with no thought as to just how much you really need, how much is so dangerous and too much, and so on. The wrong pressure on your machine means you may damage your lungs and not enough pressure means the machine is unproductive.

So before you proceed with your plans of shopping around for CPAP machines without a prescription, remember that a prescription is obviously issued for your own protection. If you have some condition that justifies using a CPAP machine you should be under a physician’s care and oversight anyway, so make an appointment and get your condition taken care of properly!

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