Use More Pheromones

pheromones makes me think a bit about the usefulness of this journal because
it’s manifesting that the woman-topic is oh so important, while I guess I
should better work on higher goal and let women just be the side event. But on
thinking about it I keep the journal, it’s a small thing and I love the 2
questions ‘what good what better’ for just a little reflection. Pheromone
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Now i
got the quick thought.. this time not using my usual strategy of leading strong
into non-monogamy sex relationship (eg meeting her only once a week and stuff)
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How do i
get this idea:

– the
idea grew on me trying a relationship again, i did not have one since like 8

– i
think she is extra cute

– i 90%
get braces, so i will be less attractive next 3 years )

– no big
deal getting into relationship, i can get out any time

one of big reasons i said ‘never relationship again’ was that the breakup hurt
the girls so much)

– ‘just
see what forms’ is not the worst mindset

non-monogamy frames and strategies are a bit bad for the chances of getting

the idea:

premature premature premature thought, not even kiss happened yet (on the other
hand, frames for non-monogamy are best set before kiss already, so the decision
if i am even open to a possible relationship is to be formed now

mindset of ‘i want a relationship’ is totally bad mindset

– her
really having to fight hard for a relationship is probably good start for

– I like
the non-monogamy thing because i love being able to pursue any girls flirting
to the maximum, wherever i meet her. Fear about missing out and ‘lost years’.

– A
relationship seems as time intensive as being on the lookout for pussy. Well, i
guess it’s a tie.

I guess
there is one it is ‘danger’ in me, it’s because i think it’s special
circumstance that made this whole thing possible, so in my mind it’s about
‘taking’ this opportunity. I try to focus on my bigger goals instead, have date
with other woman today, and restrict myself from contacting her.

the girl from work that said ‚of course!‘ when I asked her for coffee but then
ignored facebook message I said ‘oh you girl that doesn’t want to go on date
with me’. She said ‘yes I don’t want to, don’t wanna be mean’.
  Feeling sucks. Anger came up ‘why does she
first say of course?!’. Well well.

What do I learn about this situation on pheromones?

I had a very strong frame all the time during our conversations.
I think this is really the most important thing anywhere in life. You hold and
define your frame. What are you standing for when you act, behave, think and
do? How do you expect other people to behave towards you? How do you want to be
treated by other? The frame you set out defines whatever you will experience in
From the beginning I made sure that she can only frame me as a
lover. No relationship, just sex is possible with me and she also knows that
she is not the only girl I fuck.

It is the same in other areas… I don’t want to be employed, my
frame is that I live my life the way I want to experience it. I will decide how
the money will come to me and what happens in my life.

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