Simple Guidance for You to Maintain the Best above Ground Pool

For those who have above ground pool, you absolutely want to invest in the best above ground pool. When you own the right one, you should not miss out the maintenance task and clean your pool on a regular basis. How to clean and maintain the process? Let’s begin to find out!

An overview of the swimming pool maintenance


Do you often do the car maintenance? If yes, the above ground pool maintenance is the same. Check your swimming pool and clean it regularly. By doing this, you can decrease all water issues and pool liner problems. These could be more expensive to repair if something is worse!

In general, most above ground pools with small filter systems often have little space with a mistake in the room as well as the water quality. Also, the pump sometimes does not run long enough each day or the swimming pool requires more or less chemical amount.

To evade algae and other pool issues which are expensive and time-consuming, you should undertake some frequent tasks. I also would like to show you some main tasks.

Some necessary tasks to implement

#1 – Daily maintenance tasks

  • You should open the pool filter every day around 18 hours;
  • You need to test the water level in the middle level (it is not too high or too low);
  • The test pH level of the pool water should be from 7.4 to 7.6;
  • Do not miss out the chlorine level as it is also important to your water quality. It should between 2 and 4ppm;
  • Remove all debris in the pump baskets;
  • Examine both filter pressure and pump connection

Notice the pool cleaner operation (your pool should operate around 12 hours in the hot climate and more than 12 hours in the cold season) in order to push the water level from the filter and avoid stagnation.

Please keep in mind that you should get a permanent marker and note all filter pressure on the filter tank.

#2 – Weekly maintenance tasks

You need to scan the surface of the pool first. Then, you vacuum and brush the pool entirely;

Do not forget to test the alkalinity level (the best rate should be from 80 to 120ppm);

  • Clean the pool deck and surrounding area are also essential because it supports the pool stay clean;
  • Put algaecide, clarifier and metal-control does;
  • Also, take chlorine tablets to refresh the floater and chlorinator;
  • When you find out the gauge increases to 9psi, you should clean the filter or backwash it

Remember, if you want to clean the above ground pool, you will need to clean your tools in advances such as tele-pole, skim-net, leaf rake, pool brush, and vacuum hose. Brushing is also vital to get rid of dust particles around the ground.

Some pool owners forget to pay attention to the pH level of alkaline. The alkalinity level keeps the pH level stable. When it is too low, the pH level can fluctuate. And when it is too high, you cannot adjust it.

In fact, maintenance does of clarifier and algae are crucial for all above ground pools because the pool will be worse with the swampy area, cloudy water, algae blooms, and pollution environment on the surface. Algaecide is a solution to solve these issues and support filters to run better.

#3 – Monthly maintenance tasks

  • Check calcium hardness level. It should be range from 200 to 400 ppm;
  • Examine cyanuric acid level and the great level can from 30 to 50 ppm;
  • Do not shock your pool in the morning as it does not work well in this period. Take 2 pounds of pool shock per 10000 gallons;
  • Hidden algae can live in the behind steps as well as ladders. Figure them out!
  • Do not be lazy to ignore the water line and all internal skimmer walls

Do you know that cyanuric acid can protect your chlorine in the pool water from the sun? Although chlorine tablets have a small amount of cyanuric, you should add stabilizer to catch the 30ppm level first.

Generally speaking, calcium hardness is a solid measurement of the softness or the hardness in the pool water. By doing this, soft water can take it is easier to appear vinyl liner stains. Also, it probably causes foaming and the water becomes more dirt.

To protect your above ground pool more careful, you should apply the shocking method. To do it, you need to pour the pool shock in a 5-gallon bucket of water and stir in 1 minute only to go into a solution. Next, you ought to pour around the edge of the pool and brush up granules. The vinyl liner does not have the opportunity to bleach.


Everything always has its price. If you want to use the above ground pool more than 25 years, then you should go with the maintenance tasks on a regular basis. Do not be lazy to remove these from your list because you will have a big regret for the forthcoming time!

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