Holiday Gift Sets Under 50 Dollars at Discount Party Supplies Shop

It is not too tough to buy holiday gift sets under $50 if you know where to shop from. There are many who prefer to buy gifts in-store to be sure of the quality and look of the product. However, these days there are some great online shopping avenues that are authentic and sell gifts that are not only attractive, but takes perfect care of your budget as well.

Fifty dollars is not a small amount if you are planning to buy some gift for a single person. Below we give you a list of some great holiday gift sets under $50. Take your pick. For more such gifts, you may visit which sells discount party supplies.

Genuine Goatskin Leather Tape Measure –

This is an unique gift under $50 for men and women. The smart round tape measure is made in Germany and lasts a lifetime. Made of genuine goatskin, the tape is unmatched in strength yet offers a supple hand and classy look to accessories and leather products.


Genuine Goatskin Leather

Hidden center push button to retract tape.

Size: 2-1/8″ round

Zipper Key Case, Genuine Leather, 5×3

The genuine leather key case is a great gift under $50 for any man who is always on the move. The zipper has space for keys, cash, credit cards, business cards etc. The keys are accessible with case open or closed. The goatskin key case makes it last longer than lesser alternatives. It is however, soft to touch and accessorizes best with other leather goods like bags and purses.


Genuine Goatskin Leather

Zipper Key case with removable key ring

Size: 5-1/4″ x 3-1/4″

Round Mirror, Genuine Goatskin Leather, 2″ 3/4

This compact mirror has single and double magnification on two sides. The 2-3/4 round swivel mirror is made of genuine goatskin, a hallmark of the time-honored leather of fine bookbinding. This is a great gift under $50 for young girls and women.


Genuine Goatskin Leather.

Swivel compact mirror with double magnification on one side.

Size: 2-3/4″ round.

Handy “T” Case, Genuine Goatskin Leather

The “T” case is the best gift under $50 for all women who love their make-up and would love to carry their make-up kits whenever they are on the move. It also serves as a holder for school items and for regular traveling needs. The case fits easily inside a handbag or suitcase. Made from genuine goatskin the case is sturdy and yet supple to hold and looks attractive.


Genuine Goatskin Leather

Size: 8-1/2″ x 9-1/2″

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