Best way to to become a real estate agency in Hanoi Vietnam

The requirements for becoming a real estate agency in Hanoi Vietnam are quite stringent. Furthermore, because of the complexities and diversity of the laws that exist in the various states of the union, a licence needs to be applied for in the state that one intends to work in. However, the core requirements are similar.

The first step occurs before the application being made. This involves the educational requirements. Most states require a minimum level of courses to have been taken by the applicant before they will even consider the an application request. This involves about two hundred hours of study over a range of disciplines including the principles of real estate, laws of agency and contract as well as other core subjects, the latter of which are usually defined by the state commission.
For a fee, this educational background will be assessed by the state and, once acceptance is provided, the task of application can begin.
In the first instance, the application will be made for what is known as an “inactive” license. The reason for this initial step is that an agent cannot practice unless they are linked or sponsored by a real estate broker.
The application form itself, is reasonably straightforward (see link below for an example) and not too exhaustive. In essence, it is seeking information about your personal details and you career and criminal record. These will be thoroughly checked for accuracy. It does include a sponsorship form, but this does not have to be completed and returned with the rest of the application. It can be done later when you have found a broker to employ you.
One important aspect to remember is that in some states, from January 2008, one of the other requirements of the application is that you provide a fingerprint sample, in the manner required by the state.

You will only be supplied with an active licence once you have found a broker to sponsor you, in other words, when you have found gainful employment with a real estate business.
As has been seen, providing you are of sound and good character, becoming a real estate agent is not a difficult process. However, there are a few points to remember. Firstly, you cannot act as an agent until you have completed the educational requirements, made the application and found a sponsor. Secondly, there is a fee for everything, including the fingerprint. Thirdly, it is illegal to act as an agent without a license.

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