Benefits of buying a villa in Koh Samui

Living in the country has great advantages. Unfortunately, it also has its disadvantages. I have enjoyed living in the country for the last eight or so years. There is nothing like it. I really don’t think that I could go back to living in a town or city atmosphere. At least not peacefully. If you are looking for a villa in Koh Samui visit You will choose from more than 400 villas for sale in Koh Samui. Here are some pros and cons to this lifestyle. Although I must say that the cons are few and you can work around them:

1. It’s peaceful in the country. You don’t have all the noise from the traffic that you have in a city or town. It’s just quiet.
2. There are more animals. Many of you might not agree but it is a pro in my book. I love sitting on my back porch and watching the squirrels, rabbits and birds. Every now and then you will see a hawk flying overhead. They are just beautiful, even if their purpose there is to get food. That food would be those squirrels and rabbits. Let’s not forget the deer that will walk right up to your back door on occasion. They are absolutely beautiful.
3. The houses are spread further apart. This means that the neighbors can’t be quite as nosy. They can’t hear what you are saying even when you say it loudly. Your personal life stays more intact this way.
4. Well Water- You don’t have to pay for the water. You just enjoy it. When you live in town or in a city you have to pay a water and sewer bill. Those expenses really add up to a lot. In this day and age people can’t afford the day to day expenses as it is, this lessens it by one.
5. Big yards- I love having a big yard where the grandchildren can go out and play pretty freely. They don’t need to play in the street or stay on the sidewalk. They have plenty of room for kicking up their heels right in the yard.
Those are just a few of the pros that pour out from the top of my head. Now for the cons. As I mentioned before, they are few, but I am sure that I can come up with some:

1. There are no stores close by. I am not talking about convenience stores. However, even in that case, they are few and far between. The nearest grocery store to us is about twenty minutes away. This can be a real pain when it’s bad weather outside.
2. Snow- When it snows, it’s harder to get out when you have to. The plows hit town and the main roads first. We usually get hit with the plows either really late in the day or not at all. This makes it hard to get out to work in the morning.
3. You are further away from hospitals and schools. This is bad if you have an emergency that you need to get to the hospital right away for.
4. The neighbors aren’t as close to you as you will find in town. When you live in town, the neighbors are right there and you form more friendships. Out in the country, if you have neighbors at all, the case is usually that everyone stays to themselves.
5. Leaves- You heard right. I said leaves. When you live in the country, you have more leaves to rake.

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