Chippewa Men’s 6” Rugged Hand crafted Lace-Up Boots Review

Now who doesn’t like the touch, feel and the appearance of melted chocolate? It takes a very strong heart to be able to not succumb to such devious temptations. Chippewa Men’s 6” Rugged Hand crafted Lace-Up Boots are available in exactly this tempting shade of brown known as Chocolate Apache.

The name itself is enough to set a serious shoe lover’s heart melting like warm chocolate and his mouth drooling. Once an individual sets his eyes this beautifully handcrafted pair of boots, he may not find mental peace till he has become the proud owner of one such pair. This is the exact mantra of the Chippewa boots, practical yet stylish.

Product Description:

Chippewa Men’s 6” Rugged Hand crafted Lace-Up Boots are available in all practical sizes starting from US size six and going all the way up to US size sixteen. This would be equivalent to Europe size thirty eight and going up to Europe size forty nine. All Chippewa shoes are manufactured in the company’s exclusive unit in the United States. The tiny US flag pin at the centre of the shoes is proof of this.


These lace up boots are made from pure and soft leather and are the Most Comfortable Work Boots as recommended by Thomas Harmon from that includes price. It has a sturdy Vibram rubber sole. This superior quality of soles are used in heavy duty mountaineering or work boots making them solid and strong. The excellent quality soles do not wear off easily allowing for durability.

The shaft of the shoe measures approximately six inches from the arch of the shoe and the boot opening measures around eleven inches all around.

The burnished leather of the boot flaunts an American flag lace pin right in its centre. The midsole are in a lighter contrasting colour and feature an embossed logo on the side.


While there is no doubt that these boots are handcrafted from fine quality leather, it is advisable to coat the boats with a protective covering. The coats may be required to be coated daily with mink oil so as to soften the leather and to water proof them. This may seem a little cumbersome but it would go a long way in increasing the durability and maintaining the quality of the boots.

Are Chippewa Boots their money’s worth?

Customer review clearly says that most people, who buy these shoes, are more than happy with their purchase. They full value for consumer money. The thick leather coat from which these boots are hand crafted is unlike most other shoes of the same type available in the market. The seams that run all around the boot have double and triple stitches making them solid and strong.

The designing is kept simple yet artistic and durable. They are powerful work boots that provide excellent protection to feet. The upper rugged leather layer is sturdy and tough which provides great protection against sharp, corrosive and damaging substances. The sole provides for great stability and minimises risk of slips and falls. The 5 Iron Texon insoles help to prolong the life of the sole and also protect the heels of the foot. The outer sole features traction making them slip resistant.


The front of the boots have rounded structure to provide protection against rolling or falling objects and also provide extra room for the toes to move and breathe freely in. This is one major benefit of choosing them as everyday work boots.

Chippewa Men’s 6” Rugged Hand crafted Lace-Up Boots are especially designed keeping in mind the comfort of the user. The sturdy sole makes certain that the boot remains flexible as much as necessary to move with the feet. Even though they are crafted in a manner so as to provide them with a tough look, wearing and walking in them still feels effortless.

The insole is provided with a cushion to add a soft feeling to the heel while the boots are worn. These insoles can easily be removed in case the user wants more breathing space for the toes and feet.

Will it last?

The wide opening of the shoes is probably one of the best features of these boots. The opening is about 11 inches wide. The thick laces provide the foot with a determined grip while the speed lacing eyelets allows the individual to wear the shoes off and on quite conveniently.

Chippewa Men’s 6” Rugged Hand crafted Lace-Up Boots need not be restricted to being labelled as work shoes. Their classy and simple design makes them a popular choice amongst men who prefer wearing boots to wearing loafers or sneakers. These boots an easily be paired with any casual attire such as a pair of jeans or chinos and that’s when they become a great choice for casual outings that may not be necessarily restricted to the rough outdoors. They will work just fine both for a picnic in the woods or even for a movie date at the local multiplex.

The Apache leather in chocolate has a smooth yet a little mottled finish that provides a rustic feel to the boots. This look and finish only gets better as the boots are worn regularly. The absence of fancy designs or embellishments offers them a genuine charm.

Things to watch out for while opting for the Chippewa Chocolate Apache Boots:

Considering the fact that Chippewa Men’s 6” Rugged Hand crafted Lace-Up Boots are made from thick and tough weather beaten leather and that the soles are also of a superior quality of Vibram rubber, they tend to have a considerably longer break in period. The boots may seem exceedingly rough and uncomfortable and may even make your feet feel sore when they are new. But repeated usage and wear over about three to four weeks, they begin to break in. they start taking the shape of the foot and it is then easier to wear them for longer time duration. The long break in period is also needed to add flexibility to the sole of the shoes.

The Conclusion

Chippewa Men’s 6” Rugged Hand crafted Lace-Up Boots are a superb investment as they will last for multiple years. They will go on with providing class, style and the highest protection to the wearer all through their life.

10 Facts you should know about the Siberian Husky

No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich. – Louis Sabin The Siberian Husky – also known as Husky or Sibe for short – is one of the most sought-after breeds of dog. And for good reason! These stunning creatures are more than just a pretty face – they are also intelligent, great with kids, affectionate, Hi, I’m Leroy. Today, we discuss the iconic Siberian Husky.

The origin of the Siberian Husky

  1. The Siberian Husky originated in northeastern Siberia and was bred by the Chukchi Eskimos to pull heavy loads long distances across rough terrain in difficult conditions. Huskies were also used to herd reindeer and as watchdogs. After arriving in Alaska during the Nome Gold Rush, Huskies began appearing throughout the U.S. and Canada. The Siberian Husky belongs to the Spitz family of dogs.

They are heart-healthy lifestyle

  1. Apparently, Sibes are a part of a heart-healthy lifestyle. The American Heart Association released a statement that Huskies can reduce your risk of heart disease due to the exercise they provide as well as the decrease in stress and heart rate associated with petting your pooch.

They have thick skin

  1. Huskies have a thick double coat that keeps them well insulated. Their undercoat is short and warm, while the overcoat is long and water-resistant. Their almond-shaped eyes allow them to squint to keep out snow. Huskies will wrap their tails around their faces while they sleep; their breath warms the tail and keeps the nose and face protected from the cold.

They run very fast

  1. In 1925, the children of Nome, Alaska came down with diphtheria, which can cause fevers of 104 degrees or more. The closest medicine was 1000 miles away in a hospital in Anchorage. The train could only take it so far, and it was up to mushers with teams of sled dogs to transport the package the remaining 674 miles. Twenty mushers and their sled dogs battled the bitter cold to get the medicine there safely.

It took 127.5 hours to complete the mission, but the medicine made it to the village. The final leg was completed by a black Siberian husky and his team. When finally reaching their destination, the dogs were hailed as heroes and appeared in newspapers across the country. If this story sounds familiar, you might remember it from the animated movie, Balto. You can see a statue of Balto in New York’s Central Park (the real Balto is stuffed and mounted at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History).

They are very supple and durable

  1. Huskies often run long distances on very little food. More than you should know they enjoyed eating the Taste of the Wild, Canine Formula and I think this is the best dog food for Huskies, you can find it at the website: Now, when humans attempt this, we start to use our body’s glycogen and fat and eventually get fatigued. But huskies burn a lot of calories without ever tapping into these other energy stores and they do this by regulating their metabolism. “Before the race, the dogs’ metabolic makeup is similar to humans. Then suddenly they throw a switch. We don’t know what it is yet that reverses all of that,” animal exercise researcher Dr. Michael S. Davis told the New York Times.

“In a 24-hour period, they go back to the same type of metabolic baseline you see in resting subjects. But it’s while they are running 100 miles a day.”

Special DNA

  1. Studies say that the Shiba Inu and the chow share the most DNA with the grey wolf. Coming in near the top is the Siberian husky. That said, Huskies, like other Spitz breeds, are domesticated dogs and have evolved separately from their wild cousins for thousands of years.

They have blue eyes

  1. Not many dog breeds can boast piercing blue eyes. Some dogs like the Australian shepherd or Weimaraner have them thanks to the merle gene, which results in the loss of pigmentation. But huskies can have bright eyes without that gene. Many members of this breed have strikingly pale blue peepers. Heterochromia (two different colored eyes) is also a trait that runs in the “family,” but at least one is almost always blue.

They are not the perfect dog

  1. Although handsome, Huskies are not the perfect dog for every home. Unsurprisingly, Huskies are happiest in cold climates and need to exert all that energy! Neat freaks and allergy sufferers, beware: these dogs shed A LOT! But if you don’t mind a little Husky hair in your morning cereal.

They can make great family dogs

  1. They can make great family dogs! This breed is particularly pack-oriented and thrives in a family unit. Huskies aren’t the best guard dogs, and usually, do very well with children If you and your family live in a cool or cold climate, have lots of yard space, and would love bringing a pooch on your outdoor adventures, a Husky may be the perfect addition to your family!

They have sharp senses

  1. Although they do not bark often, Huskies are considered to be one of the most vocal breeds. They exhibit everything from howls to yelps and can even sound like they’re actually talking sometimes. It is said that the bark of the husky can be heard up to 10 miles away.

Well, there we have it. 10 Facts about the Siberian Husky. If you made it through this list, you should probably get out more a Husky can definitely help you with that!

How to find the best Glock sight and installing hints

Among gun enthusiast, Glock is a well know brand with high-quality products which are both durable and reliable. While its iron sight is more or less adequate in most of the case, don’t you want to make it even more accurate? By outfitting your Glock with a new sight, the gun precision and range can be increased many times over. But if you just recently come into the passion of a Glock sight , how can you tell whether a sight is good for you? Should that is your main concern then this article will show you how to find the best Glock sights on the market.

As with anything else, you can’t just rush out and buy whatever you want. You need consider many things before making the final decision on what to get. Each of the sights is unique on its own and possesses distinct characteristics. You could waste a lot of money for negligible gains if you just buy something without examining the product closely.  Down below are what you better go over in order to make a logical and informed purchase. As long as you follow them, rest assured that your investment is well-spent money.

Features of a good Glock sight


  • Brightness and accuracy


You must be able to see the sigh dot clearly in a variety of light condition. You cannot use a sight effectively if it’s barely visible to you.   To ensure accurate shooting, the sight should function normally and offer a steady performance at any given time. Shooting with precision is impossible with a faulty product so inspect the sight carefully. For the sight to suddenly fail at a critical moment is the last thing you ever want.


  • Dimension and ease of use


A sight could not be too bulky and heavy which easily hinder your movement or weight down the Glock. It’s essential that you can conveniently wield the gun after you have installed the sight. The sigh activation must not be complicated or require a long time to turn it on. Check out the time it takes to aim down the sight and lock on target and determine if it’s fast enough.


  • Endurance and reliability


The sight is indeed a dedicated accessory but a good product perform just fine in a wide range of weather and environment. You are going to buy an item that should stick with you for years to come and still work perfectly. That is why you pass over fragile and unreliable sight that you can’t depend on when thing turns sour.


  • Working principle


There are sights that need a battery to work while others don’t. If you decide to buy a battery operated product, it’s essential that you secure a battery supply so you could use the sight conveniently. In the case that you don’t like the idea, you can always go for sights that use photoluminescent paint and alike. These sights don’t require a battery to operate so just put them on and the sight is ready to be used.


  • Compatibility


This is the final criteria and also the most important one. There are sights that only support a certain number of Glock models. You don’t want to buy a sight that you have no use in practice so think carefully and get the right product.

How to equip your Glock sight

With the best sight in your hand, all you need to do now is to install it. To do this right, grab a few tool and material that can come in handy such as a nut driver, a hammer, a pair of vise jaws and a nylon punch. Clean cloths and gun oils are also needed to clean over the gun before the installation.  When you got everything then let’s get into it.


  • Step 1: Make sure the gun is safe and disassemble it


Unload the magazine and clear the chamber to ensure that the gun is safe to handle. After that, disable the gun into components. Clean them thoroughly to get rid of all the dust and foreign material that are present. It will help smoothen the sight installation to and enhance the gun general operation.



  • Step 2: Install the sight


Now there is a lot of mounting methods that are utilized by the average Glock sights. Some stay inside the slide or on top of it, others just attach themselves to the Glock underside. At this stage, you should follow the manufacturer or professional guide to install the sight properly and correctly. Pay attention and strictly obey their instruction then everything would proceed without any trouble.

Generally, the new sight you just equip is much better than the factory built iron sight. However, you probably want to test out the accuracy of the sight using a bore sighter, especially when it comes to laser sights. Adjust the sight if needed till you feel satisfied and lock the sight position in place.  Now the sight is zeroed in with the gun.  


  • Step 3: Shoot a few rounds


There is hardly a better way to check the sight usefulness on the field than to actually shoot with it. Go through a couple of magazines and see if the grouping is up to your liking or not. Perform additional modification on the sight to attain the desired result. Vibration from the shootings might kick the sight out of alignment sometime if you don’t tightly secure it before or the mounting is simply insufficient. If it’s the latter, consider using thread locker adhesive on the sight to deal with the issue.


And that is pretty much it, not too difficult to take in, right? Looking for the best Glock sight could be quite a process if you just recently stepped into the world of guns. Everyone got their own preferences so it’s vital that you buy a sight that suits you and not to follow mass. Research a bit and put the information above to good use then you can own the perfect Glock sight in no time.