10. Rules for weight loss

This article will be very long because it focuses on one of the focal issues of all those who do sports and beyond. It may seem a simple topic because here was deliberately simplified and instead look at how many people he is interested.

The formula for weight loss, this applies equally to both the lovers, both for the professionals who use other methods, is APPARENTLY in one trick that is to take fewer calories than they consume.

If less energy than they consume, you will have an energy deficit that will force the body to reduce body weight, since it must draw on energy reserves to stay active.

We tear down some of the hottest crap and we clarify what should you actually do

It is important not to confuse weight loss with fat loss, weight should remain unchanged is the FAT to decrease.

Actually, the human body “burn calories” in three ways:

A) through physical activity

B) producing heat through digestion (metabolism increases by 10%) and that is why we set out the thermal value of calories.

C) providing for the maintenance of internal organs and bodily functions.

Digestion and movement represent 30% of calories burned and the remaining 70% of our energy is directed to the activity of internal organs and to their maintenance, i.e. the processes that take place while we rest.

Individuals with a high degree of resting energy expenditure can lose weight more easily. Each body has its own natural weight adjustment value and defends him vigorously, though, as said above, there is an efficient way to raise your resting energy expenditure and is putting on muscle mass. A car with more weight and more horses consume more than a compact car.

Basic metabolic rate drops by about 2% per decade, muscle activity during sleep is much higher than awake in moments of repose, but physical activity increases the metabolic rate, as happens due to digestion, and the passage of fluids.

Another factor is the body’s surface, not the weight. For example a 1.85 m tall and weighs 84 pounds has a higher resting metabolic rate by another man with the same weight but high 1.65 m.

Essentially a greater and more slender body surface area in higher bodybuilder allows to dissipate more calories.

The BMR varies according to sex, in men is higher than in women. Also in the bodybuilder is greater because muscle tissue is much more active than fat tissue.

We do the math

Generic level the basic metabolic rate corresponds to a little over 1 cal for KGORA, for example if you weigh 82 pounds are 90 cal forward, the resultant figure should be multiplied by 24 hours and you will get the total calories per day. For women is 0.9 cal per kilogram per hour.

Assuming that a bodybuilder weights 90 kilos, to train intensively should take 4000 cal, when you have to define and choose to lose 4.5 pounds will take 1000 cal in less.

Reached your ideal weight the only way that you will have to keep this weight without regaining the weight lost will Gnc garcinia cambogia with potassium be to bring back the calories in other 3800, which is the requirement to maintain this weight. Similarly if you want to continue and get off at 82kg we must introduce 2800 cal until the weight and then back to 3600 to keep it.

But we see everything in detail:

Men prevalently fat deposited in the waist, while women on the hips and thighs.

You can’t reduce fat with special bands or belts, or saunas or Turkish baths, or massage, vibrating massage, or supplements.

The sweat does not produce weight loss but water leak, which is quickly regained with fluid intake, if ever that effect you get with the cold, the body burns “firewood crammed by throwing it into the fireplace” in an effort to maintain the temperature.

There is no exercise for your ABS that holds, the only way to reduce fat is delete it from within, when the Polish will be in the low percentage of the various districts, you will have the quality much needed muscle.

The story of the skeleton is a hoax

bone and fat

You must avoid losing lean mass, simply losing weight gradually, avoiding overtraining and with a rate of about one pound per week.

You train as if the priority was to build muscle, with short routines, hard and focus on the fundamental exercises, keeping progressive loads.

During the period of definition is very important to try to maintain at least the strength and muscle mass.

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