Archipelago Children’s Stories from Fairy Tales: Alice, the Fairy and the Magic Fish – Alice is a very kind girl.

Archipelago Children’s Stories from Fairy Tales: Alice, the Fairy and the Magic Fish


equalvoice2008 – He lives with several of his brothers. Every day, Alice looks for fish in the river for side dishes to eat all of her siblings.

Yes! Alice has always put her siblings first, over herself. As a result, his body became thin. Even so, Alice never complained. He is always cheerful.

One day, Alice was looking for fish in the river. Suddenly, he saw a fairy who was trapped. Without wasting any time, Alice immediately helped him.

“I know you are a good boy, Alice,” said the fairy.

Alice felt confused, how the fairy could know his name.

“Do not be confused. Every day, I pay attention to you. For your kindness reward, I will give you a fish. You can eat the fish meat. But, you don’t eat the bones. The fish bones can fulfill whatever you wish. Remember, use the request as best you can, “explained the fairy.

Olala, from the river, appeared a large fish. Alice immediately caught it. After catching the fish, Alice brought it home.

Alice cooked the fish, and ate it with her siblings. As per the fairy order, Alice kept the fishbone. He intends to use the bone when faced with a difficult problem.

Time flies. Apparently, Alice had a lot of trouble. However, Alice always tried to solve her own problems.

He didn’t want to depend on anyone, or even on the magic fishbone.

One day, when Alice has grown into an adult girl, she faces a very difficult problem. With a heavy heart, Alice finally took out the magic fishbone.

“Magic fishbone, I need your help,” Alice asked.

Cling! Olala, the fishbone turned into a fairy she had met in the river.

“You’ve grown into a girl, Alice. I’m happy, because so far you can get through your problems well and without needing my help. Now, what can I do for you? ” said the fairy.

Alice also told all the problems. Instantly, the fairy granted Alice’s request. In fact, the fairy brought Alice to a rich young man.

It was a gift, because Alice could live independently without depending on others.

Alice also married the young man. Since then, the Alice family no longer live in poverty. They live happily together.

Jaka Tarub’s Folk Tales – Jaka Tarub Folklore is an archipelago folk tale that is very popular in Indonesia. Even so, Jaka Tarub’s fairy tale actually has many versions both in Indonesia and abroad. Tonight you will tell one of the best versions of the folklore of Joko Tarub. Happy reading.

Jaka Tarub’s Folk Tales


equalvoice2008 – Once upon a time, in a village lived a widow named Mbok Randa. She lives alone because her husband has passed away a long time ago. One day, he adopted a boy to be his son. His adopted son was named Jaka Tarub. Jaka Tarub also grew up.

Jaka Tarub became a very handsome, handsome, and kind young man. He also has supernatural powers. Every day, he always helps his mother in the fields. Because they have a very handsome face, many beautiful girls want to be their wives. However, he didn’t want to get married yet.

Every day his mother told Jaka Tarub to get married immediately. However, he again refused his mother’s request. One day Mbok Randa fell ill and breathed his last. Jaka Tarub was very sad.

Since Mbok Randha’s death, Jaka Tarub often daydreams. Now the fields are neglected.

“In vain I worked. Who are the results for? ” so muttered Jaka Tarub.

One night, Jaka Tarub dreamed of eating Deer Meat. When he woke up from his sleep, he immediately went to the forest. From morning to noon he walked. However, he did not see Deer at all. Never mind the deer, the mouse deer is not there.

Once upon a time, he passed the lake and accidentally he saw the angels were bathing there. In the lake, there are seven beautiful women playing with water, joking, having fun. Jaka Tarub was very surprised to see their beauty.

Because Jaka Tarub felt captivated by the seven angels, he finally took one of his scarves. After that the angels finished taking a shower, they dressed up and got ready to return to heaven.

They returned to their respective scarves. However, one of the angels did not find her shawl. Her six older siblings also helped look for it, but until evening they were not found. Because it was getting late, Nawangwulan was left alone. His brothers returned to Khayangan. He felt very sad.

Not long after, Jaka Tarub came over and pretended to help the Angel. He invited the angel, who turned out to be Nawang Wulan, to go home. The presence of Nawang Wulan made Jaka Tarub excited again.

Long story short, they finally got married. Both live happily. they also have a beautiful daughter named Nawangsih. Before they got married, Nawang Wulan reminded Jaka Tarub not to ask about what habits he would do later when he became a wife.

Nawang Wulan’s secret is that he always cooks rice using one grain of rice, with that grain he can produce a lot of rice. After they married Jaka Tarub was very curious. However, he did not ask Nawang Wulan directly, but he immediately opened it and saw that the pot that his wife liked to use was cooking rice. He saw a sprig of rice still lying in it, he immediately closed it again. Due to Jaka Tarub’s curiosity. Nawang Wulan lost his strength. From then on, Nawang Wulan had to pound and win rice for cooking, just like any other woman.

Because the pile of rice kept decreasing, one time, Nawangwulan accidentally found his bidadar shawl tucked away in the pile of rice. it turned out that the shawl was in the granary which her husband had hidden.

Nawang Wulan also felt very angry when her husband stole her scarf. Finally, he decided to go to heaven. Jaka Tarub also apologized and begged his wife not to go again to kahyanngan, but Nawangwulan had made up his mind, until he finally went to heaven. Yet she still occasionally comes down to earth to breastfeed her baby. However, on one condition, Jaka Tarub could not be with Nawangsih when Nawang Wulan met him. Let him alone near the lake.

Jaka Tarub held his sadness very much. He wants to look tough. After Jaka Tarub expressed his ability not to see Nawangwulan again, the angel flew away from him and Nawangsih. Jaka Tarub could only stare at Nawangwulan’s departure while embracing Nawangsih. Really his mistake is unforgivable. There is nothing else he can do at this time apart from taking good care of Nawangsih

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Tales From West Sumatra: The Folklore of Malin Kundang – “Hu huuuu huuu.” cried Malin Kundang, holding his bleeding arm. It seems that again he was pegged by Datuk Firman’s rooster. Mother cleans the wound patiently. This time, Malin’s injuries were quite severe. Malin Kundang’s mother, Mande Rubayah, wrapped it in bandages.

Tales From West Sumatra: The Folklore of Malin Kundang


equalvoice2008 – Malin, don’t be naughty. Don’t you chase that rooster again. Remember, you have no father, you are the only hope Mother, “advised her mother. Malin just nodded and grinned.

Since Malin’s father died, his mother worked hard to support Malin. He helps fishermen unload fish caught on the beach. Sometimes, Malin came with him. There, Malin met Saudagar Ali, one of the richest people in the village. Merchant Ali has considered Malin like his own son. He taught Malin how to trade and drive a ship. For Saudagar Ali, Malin was smart and mature, unlike children in general.

When Malin grew up, Saudagar Ali invited him to sail across the country. There, he will introduce Malin to his brother who also has a trading business. Malin also said goodbye to his mother Mande Rubayah. “Mother, Saudagar Ali invited me to come with him. Let me go Mother, because I want to work across the country. If I am successful, I will come back and bring Bunda. ” His mother looked down. Not felt, tears dripping. “Mother can not forbid you, Malin. Mother knows that you want so much, “he replied.

The day he had been waiting for arrived, Malin sailed across the country. It felt like a dream come true. When Malin was daydreaming, the ship suddenly stopped. Like something hit him. Hearing the noise below, Malin poked his head. He saw a group of people with drawn swords boarding the ship. Malin feels bad. “They must be pirates. I have to hide immediately, “he said to himself. Luckily, he found a bamboo fish basket big enough to hide in.

The pirates took all the money and gold that belonged to Saudagar Ali. They also killed Saudagar Ali and his men. Malin survived, because the pirates were not interested in the bamboo basket where Malin was hiding. They just rummaged through the chests filled with money and gold. After the pirates died, Malin came out of his hiding place. He steered the ship to the nearest land. Malin then told what happened to the local residents. The residents worked together to bury the bodies of Saudagar Ali and his men.

Not knowing where to go, Malin decided to stay there. He used the ship Saudagar All to transport people’s goods to be sent to other places. Malin received payment from the delivery service. Over time, the delivery service grew rapidly. Malin can even buy other ships.

Malin has now become a rich young man. He married a beautiful girl, the son of the village elder. Realizing that his wife came from a respectable family, Malin kept his origins a secret. Every time his wife asked about his parents, Malin always replied that they had died. Malin said that Saudagar Ali was his father. He did not know that his mother was waiting with anxious hearts back home.

One day, Malin and his wife went sailing. For some reason, the captain took the ship towards Malin’s hometown. Approaching the shoreline, Malin realized. “Isn’t this my hometown?” he whispered anxiously. Just when Malin wanted to ask the captain to turn around, his wife shouted with joy, “My husband… look! The fishing boat is unloading the fish. I really want to eat fresh fish. Let’s go down to buy fish! ” Malin was powerless to refuse. He and his wife walked towards the fishing boat. “Move over … get out of the way … Malin’s merchant wants to pass …” said Malin’s men.

Mande Rubayah, Malin’s mother who happened to be helping the fishermen gasped. MALIN? Did I hear you right? ” The woman’s eyes searched and her heart rippled, “Yes, that’s right. That’s Malin my son! ” Unable to stop himself, he ran towards Malin. “MALIN … MALIN KUNDANG my son !!” shouted the mother. He hugged Malin tightly and cried. Malin was absurdly shocked, he was not ready for that situation. His wife looked at him in surprise, “Malin, didn’t you say your mother had died since you were little?”

Malin quickly released himself from his mother’s embrace. “Hey you old woman, how dare you call me your son,” shouted Malin loudly.

Mother was stunned to hear Malin’s words. “Malin, my dear son … have you forgotten your own mother?” wailed the woman.

Malin’s wife tried to mediate the situation, “O Mother, can you prove that Malin is really your son?” he asked politely.

“Everyone in this village knows that Malin is my son. But if you don’t believe it, try checking his right arm. There is a scar from Datuk Firman’s standard. Bunda believe you still remember that Malin, “said Bunda, staring at Malin sharply. Malin’s wife then checked her husband’s right arm and it was true, there was a scar there. His wife looked at Malin sadly, “Malin, why are you denying your own mother?”

“My wife, you must believe me. My mother died when I gave birth to me. Of course this mother knows about the wound on my arm, because everyone here knows the story, ”said Malin defensively.

After saying this, Malin invited his wife to leave that place. They boarded the ship. Mother sobbed while kneeling under the boat. “Malin my son … don’t you leave your mother again, son … Mother really missed you. You are the only treasure of the Mother in this world, “he lamented. Malin didn’t flinch. Glancing down sarcastically, he spat on his mother. “You ignorant parents, how dare you admit to being my mother!”

The old woman’s heart ached. Without realizing it, he said a prayer, “Oh God, wake up my son. She has denied me as the mother who gave birth and breastfed her. ” Instantly the sky became cloudy and it rained very hard. Lightning roared and the wind was blowing very hard. Suddenly, lightning struck right in front of Malin’s feet. Miraculously, in the midst of roaring rain, Malin’s body immediately stiffened.

At first, his legs couldn’t be moved. His wife shouted, “Malin, what happened to your leg? Your feet are like stones! ” It seemed that not only had his feet turned into stone, but slowly his whole body had also become stone. Malin was very scared. He realized this was God’s punishment for his actions. “Mother, forgive me. Please save me Mother … “he shouted. But it was too late. All of Malin finally turned into stone.

His mouth fell open as he shouted for mercy. His mother was crying, Malin’s wife was crying. They both hugged Malin who had become a statue.

It is said that reportedly, stones that resemble Malin Kundang can still be found on Air Manis Beach, south of Padang City, West Sumatra.

Don’t let your siblings imitate Malin’s bad behavior in the tale of the thief Kundang the disobedient child. In the next article we will post the Malin Kundang folklore in Javanese.

Folklore Si Pitung from Betawi – Pitung’s heart was furious. This afternoon he again saw the arbitrariness of Babah Liem’s ​​criminals. Babah Liem or Liem Tjeng is the landlord in the area where si Pitung lives. Babah Liem became the landlord by giving some money to the Dutch government. In addition, he was also willing to pay high taxes to the Dutch government. That is why Babah Liem hired his criminals to seize people’s property and collect taxes which were choking Ieher.

Folklore Si Pitung from Betawi

equalvoice2008 – Si Pitung is determined, he must fight against Babah Liem’s ​​criminals. For that he studied from Haji Naipin, a respected scholar and famous for his high knowledge. Haji Naipin was pleased to educate Pitung because he knew his character. Yes, Si Pitung is known for being diligent and devout in religion. His speech was polite and he always obeyed his parents, Pak Piun and Bu Pinah.

Several months later, Si Pitung had mastered all the knowledge taught by Haji Naipin. Haji Naipin said, “Pitung, I’m sure you’re not an arrogant person. Use your knowledge to defend the oppressed. Don’t you ever use it to bully others. ” Si Pitung kissed Haji Naipin’s hand then said goodbye. He will fight against Babah Liem and his criminals.

“Let them go!” shouted Si Pitung when he saw the centeng Babah Liem beating a man who was against them.

“Hey young man, who do you dare to stop us?” asked one of the strikers.

“You don’t need to know who I am, but I know who you are. You are cowards who usually only oppress the weak! ” replied the Pitung.

The centeng leader was offended by Pitung’s words. He then ordered his men to attack Pitung. However, all the strikers collapsed under Pitung’s moves. They were not a match for him. They Ian scurried, including the leader.

Since then, si Pitung became famous. Even so, he was still the humble and not arrogant Pitung.

Since the incident with Babah Liem’s ​​centeng, si Pitung decided to devote his life to the common people. He could not bear to see their poverty, and he was disgusted by the wealth of the landlords who sided with the Dutch.

One time he invited several people to join him. They robbed the houses of rich people and shared the proceeds of the robbery with commoners. In the slightest he never enjoyed the plunder personally.

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The common people praised Pitung’s kindness. On the other hand, the Dutch government and landlords became furious.

Moreover, there were many other robbers who acted on behalf of Si Pitung, even though they were not members of Pitung. The Dutch government then issued an order to arrest si Pitung. Despite being a fugitive, Si Pitung was not afraid. He still robbed rich people, by moving places so they weren’t easily caught.

Annoyed that he could not catch Pitung, the Dutch government used a cunning method. They arrested Pak Piun and Haji Naipin. One Dutch government official named Schout Heyne announced that the two people would be sentenced to death if Pitung did not surrender. The news also reached Pitung’s ears. He didn’t want dad and

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his teacher died in vain. He then sent a message to Schout Heyne. Si Pitung is willing to surrender if his father and teacher are released. Schout Heyne agreed to Pitung’s request. Pak Piun was released, but Haji Naipin was still held hostage until Pitung surrendered. Finally Si Pitung appeared. “Let go of Haji Naipin, and you are free to catch me,” said the Pitung. Schout Heyne complied with the request. Haji Naipin was released.

“Pitung, you have troubled many people with your behavior. For that, you must be sentenced to death, “said Schout Heyne.

“You’re not mistaken? Weren’t you and the landlords troubling the crowd? I’m not afraid of your threats, “replied Si Pitung.

“Huh, you’re about to die and you’re still arrogant too. Troops, shoot him! ” orders Schout Heyne to his troops.

Pak Piun and Haji Naipin shouted to protest against Schout Heyne’s decision. “Hasn’t my son turned himself in? Why should it be put to death? ” lamented Pak Piun. But Schout Heyne didn’t care, for him Pitung had threatened his position.

The sound of a series of bullets broke the silence, the body of Pitung collapsed covered in blood, hit by bullets by the Dutch soldiers. Pak Piun and Haji Naipin are very sad. They brought home Pitung’s body then buried him. Thanks to the merits of the jasanga, very many people accompanied the funeral and prayed for it. Even though he was gone, Pitung was still remembered as a hero for the common people.

Story of 1001 Nights Aladdin – Once upon a time, in the City of Persia, a mother lived with her son named Aladin. They live in poverty in an old hut.

Story of 1001 Nights Aladdin


equalvoice2008 – One day, a man approached Aladin who was playing. The man claimed to be Aladin’s uncle. The man invited Aladin to go out of town to help him.

Aladin’s mother allowed Aladin to go in the hope of getting a lot of money.

The road is very far. Aladin complained of fatigue to his uncle. Instead, he was shouted at and told to find firewood. If he doesn’t want to, he will kill Aladin.

Aladdin finally found out that the man was not his uncle, but a magician. The witch then lit a fire with firewood and began to chant.

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“Kraak …,” suddenly the ground in front of them split open, revealing a cave-like passage and steps leading to the bottom.

“Come on down! Get me the old lamp at the bottom of the cave! ” wizard orders to Aladin.

“No, I’m afraid to go down there,” replied Aladdin.

The witch then took out a ring and gave it to Aladdin. “This is a magic ring, this ring will protect you,” said the magician.

Finally, Aladdin descended the steps with fear. After reaching the bottom, he found trees bearing jewels.

The jewels and the lamps that were there he carried. When he was about to climb the steps to the top, the door was partially closed.

“Hurry up and give the lights!” exclaimed the witch.

“Not. I will give this lamp after I get out, “replied Aladdin.

After arguing, the magician became angry and finally, “Brakk …,” the door was closed by the witch.

He left Aladin trapped in an underground hole. Aladdin became sad and sat pensive.

“I’m hungry, I want to meet Mom. God please help me!” said Aladdin.

Aladdin pressed his hands together and unconsciously his fingers rubbed the edge of the lamp. Suddenly, the surroundings turned red and smoke was rising up. At the same time, a giant genie appeared from the lamp. Aladdin was very scared

“I’m sorry that I have startled you, sir. I am a genie of magic lamp, “said the giant genie.

“Oh, then take me home,” said Aladdin.

“Yes sir, get on my back! We’ll be out of here soon, “said the genie magic lamp. In a short time, Aladin arrived in front of his house.

“If you need me again, please call by rubbing this lamp,” said the genie.

Since then, Aladdin and his mother’s life has improved. They are no longer poor and never lack food. Aladdin can find work with the help of a magic lamp genie.

Indonesian Folklore: Lutung Kasarung – In ancient times there lived a daughter named Purbasari. He is the youngest son of Prabu Tapa Agung who is the king of the sand stem kingdom. Purbasari has six older sisters namely Purbararang, Purbadewata, Purbaendah, Purbakancana, Purbamanik and Purbaleuih.

Indonesian Folklore: Lutung Kasarung

indonesian-folklore-lutung-kasarung – Purbasari is very good in character and behavior. He is gentle, sweet-hearted, and helpful. Anyone who needs help will be happy to help. Besides her beautiful heart, Purbasari also has a beautiful and shapely face, everyone who sees her will fall in love at first sight. Unfortunately, Purbasari’s beauty and kindness did not decrease from her eldest brother, Purbararang, who had a very bad temper. Even though she is beautiful, Purbararang is very rude, arrogant, cruel and jealous of anyone.

After being on the throne for a long time, Prabu Tapa Agung intended to abdicate. It had been thought carefully that in order to continue his leadership he would appoint Purbasari. The King had observed for decades that Purbasari was the most appropriate figure to replace him, not Purbararang even though Purbararang was his eldest son. The thought of the wise King was mainly due to the bad nature and behavior of his elder son. Prabu Tapa Agung was worried that if Purbararang became King, the peace and tranquility of the people’s lives would be disturbed and even damaged due to Purbararang’s leadership which had very bad qualities.

In front of all royal officials and also his seven daughters, King Tapa Agung handed over his throne to Purbasari. Prabu Tapa Agung then left his royal palace to start his new life as a hermit.

Purbararang was very angry to find that the throne of the Pasir Batang Kingdom was handed over to her youngest sister and not to her. So, one day after Purbasari’s coronation to become Queen of the Pasir Batang Kingdom, Purbararang contacted Indrajaya, her fiancé. The two of them then asked the witch’s help to harm Purbasari.

The evil witch gave boreh (a black substance made from plants) to Purbararang. The witch said. ” Give this boreh to the face and the whole body of Purbasari. ”

Purbararang immediately carried out the message from the witch. The boreh was sprayed onto Purbasari’s face and body. As a result, all of Purbasari’s body appeared terrible black spots. Under these conditions Purbararang had a reason to expel Purbasari from the palace.

“The person who is cursed to have this terrible disease does not deserve to be the Queen of the Pasir Batang kingdom. He should be exiled to the forest so that his disease is not transmitted. ” Purbararang said.

Purbararang then took the throne of the Pasir Batang Kingdom. He ordered Uwak Batara who was a palace advisor to exile Purbasari to the forest.

When Purbasari was being exiled in the forest, there was a big problem in heaven. Prince Guru Minda did not want to marry a heavenly angel as ordered by his mother Sunan Ambu. Prince Guruminda only deigns to marry a woman whose beauty is equal to her mother’s Sunan Ambu.

Sunan Ambu explained that a female figure who was as beautiful as himself would only be found by Prince Guruminda in the human world. But if the prince Guruminda insists on meeting the woman as he wishes, he must go into the world not in the form of the handsome and handsome Guruminda prince, but in the disguise of a langur. ” Lutung Kasarung your name. ” Sunan Ambu said. ” Are you willing to do it? ”

Prince Guruminda expressed his sadness. After transforming into a Kasarung Lutung, Prince Guru Minda immediately descended into the human world. He arrived at the forest. In a short time, Lutung Kasarung had become king of the forest langurs and monkeys. This is very natural because no monkey and langur can match the supernatural powers, intelligence and strength of Prince Guruminda.

Lutung Kasarung knows the ugliness and cruelty of Purbararang, who reigns as queen in the kingdom of Pasir Batang. Lutung Kasarung or Prince Guruminda really wanted to teach this cruel Queen a lesson. So, when he heard Purbararang’s plan to look for sacrificial animals in the forest, Lutung Kasarung allowed himself to be caught by Purbararang’s men.

Before being made a sacrificial animal, Lutung Kasrung suddenly went berserk and caused damage to the palace of Pasir Batang. The soldiers of the Pasir Batang kingdom who intend to capture him are rendered helpless. Frenzied all who intend to arrest him. Lutung Kasarung seems to be showing hostility towards all the soldiers of the Pasir Batang Kingdom.

Seeing the condition of his soldiers who were constantly pressed. Purbararang asked Uwak Barata to tame Lutung Kasarung. Surprisingly, when Uwak Batara stepped into the battlefield, Lutung Kasarung seemed not to have any intention of hurting Uwak Batara. Even when Uwak Batara caught him Lutung Kasarung did not fight back. Purbararang immediately asked Uwak Batara to throw Lutung Kasarung into the forest where Purbasari was exiled. He wanted Purbasari to die from being eaten by Lutung Kasarung, which she considered a wild animal.

Uwak Batara Lengser took Lutung Kasarung to the forest where Purbasari was exiled. Uwak Batara Lengser believes that the Kasarung Lutung is not an ordinary animal, therefore he gave a message to Lutung Kasarung when they met Purbasari. ” Lutung, the princess who is currently in front of you is the daughter of Prabu Tapa Agung. She is a kind-hearted Princess and should be the Queen of the Pasir Batang Kingdom. It was only because of the power of evil that he was exiled and thrown into this forest. Therefore, let you guard our lord. ”

Lutung Kasarung nodded his head in understanding. So since then Lutung Kasarung has been a guard and a close friend of Purbasari. With the presence of Lutung Kasarung by his side, Purbasari’s sadness slowly disappeared. He found friends who comforted and protected him. To fulfill their daily needs, Lutung Kasarung ordered the monkeys to bring food and fruit to Purbasari. The gentleness, kindness and kindness of Purbasari made Lutung Kasarung more and more affectionate with Purbasari. Meanwhile, Lutung Kasarung’s attitude of responsibility, leadership and intelligence made Purbasari fall in love. Increasingly they feel inseparable.

Unknown to Purbasari, Lutung Kasarung begged his mother Sunan Ambu to create a beautiful garden with a bath for Purbasari. Sunan ambu then ordered the gods and angels to come down to earth to fulfill the wishes of his son. The gods and angels created a very beautiful garden and bath for Purbasari. The showerhead is made of pure gold. The walls and floor are made of marble. The lake water that flows comes from a small lake that is pure clean and with prayers from the gods. The gods and angels call this beautiful garden Salaka latrine. Apart from making a beautiful lake and garden, the angels prepared some beautiful clothes for Purbasari. The clothes were very beautiful and soft. Made of soft clouds decorated with gemstones from the ocean. There is no garment in this world that can match the beauty of Purbasari’s clothes.

At the time looking at the lake with a beautiful shower. Purbasari immediately intended to take a shower to clean herself. It was at that time that the curse on his face and body slowly disappeared. Her beauty has returned. Lutung Kasarung who saw this became flabbergasted and did not think that the person he loved was a very beautiful and enchanting woman. Even Purbasari’s beauty can beat the beauty of Sunan Ambu. Lutung Kasarung and Purbasari were very happy with this situation. Even though Purbasari has returned to her beautiful and beautiful form, Purbasari’s affection for Lutung Kasarung has not diminished, in fact it can be said to have increased.

The news about the return of Purbasari’s beauty was heard by Purbararang. Purbararang did not believe this news, he was still confident because he knew that the boreh sprayed at Purbasari contained a very evil and strong curse. Purbararang then invited his fiancé to see the truth of the news. How shocked she was to see that Purbasari had returned to her beautiful and beautiful figure. Purbasari looks even more charming with her clothes from the angels.

Purbararang was worried that the return of her sister Purbasari’s beauty would threaten the throne she currently controls. He racked his brains to find a way to get rid of his younger brother again, even this time he intended to get rid of Purbasari forever. Purbararang then challenged Purbasari to compete with her hair length. He said. ” If my hair is longer than Purbasari’s hair, then Purbasari’s neck must be beheaded by the royal executioner. ”

Purbararang swallowed a big disappointment after it was proven that her long hair was less than Purbasari’s hair which was as long as her heel. Purbararang was very ashamed to find his defeat. To cover up his defeat. Purbararang presents a new challenge for Purbasari. This challenge was unmitigated in front of the entire Pasir Batang Kingdom community. With a loud voice for the community to hear, Purbararang said. ” If your fiancé’s face is more handsome than mine’s, the Pasir Batang throne will be handed over to you. But if the opposite is true, then you should have your neck beheaded by the royal executioner. ”

Purbasari understood that he would not be able to win in this challenge. But his love for Lutung Kasarung made him strong. He held Lutung Kasarung’s hand. “I love you and want you to be my husband.” He said to Lutung Kasarung. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Lutung Kasrung held Purbasari’s hand in return and then wiped the tears on the cheeks of the beautiful princess.

Purbararang burst out laughing. ” The black monkey is your fiancé? ”

“Yes.” Purbasari answered loudly and firmly.

Before Purbararang ordered the executioner to behead Purbasari. Lutung Kasarung suddenly sat cross-legged with his eyes closed. His mouth looks chewy. Suddenly thick smoke enveloped Lutung Kasarung’s body. Not for a long time, the thick smoke disappeared, the figure of the lutung Kasarung with an ugly face, disappeared as the thick smoke passed. Replaced with the figure of Prince Minda’s teacher who is very handsome and handsome.

Surprised all those present at the place found this extraordinary miracle. How handsome Pangeran Guru Minda was, even more so than Indrajaya, the fiancé of Purbararang.

Prince Guruminda then announced that the real queen of Pasri Batang was Purbasari. Purbararang has suffered defeat from the challenges it made itself.

In such conditions, Purbararang cannot deny and inevitably admit his defeat. He could not find anything else other than calling the throne of Pasri Batang to his younger brother Purbasari. He also asked for forgiveness for the crimes he had committed with Indrajaya, his fiancé. With his kindness, Purbasari forgave her eldest brother’s mistake.

Since then Purbasari returned to the throne as Queen. All the people are very happy to welcome their new queen, and at the same time they are released from the shackles of the evil Purbararang government. They are even happier to know that their Queen Purbasari is married to the handsome and handsome Prince Guruminda. Purbasari and Pangeran Guruminda were alive